Auxiliary / related activities

Activities auxiliary to shipping activities

  • Maintenance, upkeep, ensuring the minimum technical characteristics of the shipping infrastructure granted to it;
  • Providing for users of the naval transport infrastructure in a non-discriminatory manner, in accordance with current legal regulations;
  • Ground and floating signaling for navigation;
  • Maintenance dredging to ensure depths in ports and waterways;
  • Assistance to ships operating with dangerous goods;
  • Collection of waste and wastewater from ships;
  • Collection of garbage and household waste from ships;
  • Water, electricity and heat supply;
  • Rescue and refueling of ships.

Activities related to naval transport activities that have as object the security services, in accordance with the law.

Other activities

  • Tracking the traffic of goods in the port, centralizing the data regarding the operated cargo volume, the loading / unloading port of the goods, the number of operated ships and the operating norms, as well as the annual publication of such data;
  • Supervision of economic agents transporting or operating dangerous goods in national navigable waters or in ports in its area of ​​activity;
  • Keeping records of port workers and issuing workbooks in the port;
  • Ensuring the use by third parties of the naval transport infrastructure;
  • Endorsement of studies and projects on the development of shipping infrastructure;
  • Elaboration on tariffs for all facilities and services included in the object of activity;
  • Provision of services with own machinery, equipment, ships and installations;
  • Elaboration of annual and perspective programs for maintenance, repair and modernization works of the state public property and of the company property;
  • Approval of construction and installation projects near port areas that could affect port activity;
  • Preparation or approval of documentation on the construction of new port infrastructure;
  • Promotion of sea and river ports domestically and internationally, through advertising, market research, editing and printing of information materials and recordings on computer media;
  • Carrying out the computerization of sea and river ports and connections with other IT systems, national or international, and providing IT services related to port activity;
  • Coordination of port traffic during busy periods or as a result of government orders and, in these situations, establishing with port operators the programs of loading-unloading of goods in / from ships and priorities at the entry of ships at the berths;
  • Issuance of approvals in order to obtain authorizations of economic agents;
  • By delegation of competence, it ensures the fulfillment in its area of ​​activity of the obligations incumbent on the Romanian state from the agreements and conventions to which Romania is a part of.