Galati Port

Galați's port is the largest river and sea port on the Danube and the second largest in Romania. Located in the city of Galati, the port is an important source of income for the city, and has attracted many national and international companies operating here.

Among these we mention:

  • Damen Group, a Dutch company that owns the Galați shipyard, having as activity naval constructions;
  • ArcelorMittal, the largest integrated plant in the country and a leader in the manufacture of steel products;
  • Metaltrade - port operations through Port Bazinul Nou SA and Docuri SA companies.

Bazinul Nou Port

This port was privatized in 1997 and is part of the port complex of Galati, being the largest Romanian port on the Danube, which can operate ships in both river and sea traffic.

Docuri Port

Located on the left bank of the Danube, at nautical mile 80 and offers a wide range of services, with storage capacity, mechanical means of handling, lifting, transport and stacking of goods, being specialized in the traffic of bulk goods and cereals.

Mineralier Port

This port was built in 1974 being the only mineral port in Galați and has a strategic importance for the operation of the steel plant, being the main transit gate for raw materials, but also for finished products.

Main features:

  • Total area: 864,131 sqm;
  • Number of port basins: 2 (Docuri), (Bazinul Nou)
  • Quay length: vertical=4.675 m; pereat=2.390 m;
  • Number of operational berths: 56;
  • Winter harbour/operations
  • Railway connection: length=12.348m (Ecartament European);
  • Wide gauge railway - along the operating berths;
  • Rail tariff point;
  • Railway connection;
  • Parking places for trucks;
  • Goods storage facilities (open platforms and closed warehouses);
  • Port equipment for ship operation;
  • Silo for cereals;
  • Ship waste management: household waste, wastewater and bilge water;
  • Bunkering operations.
  • Ship maintenance facilities;
  • Free Zone;
  • Custom house;
  • "DAMEN" Shipyard;;
  • Cereal terminal;
  • Container terminal;
  • Oil terminal;
  • Safety in accordance with the ISPS code.