Tulcea Port

Tulcea's port is one of the largest and most important Romanian river and seaports. Located in the city of Tulcea, between NMI 42 - NMI 34 Danube, on both banks.

The port of Tulcea zone, administrate by APDM, has 330 meters long operational vertical quays and 320 meters wall quay.

The industrial port of Tulcea is located at Mm 39 + 1352 - Mm 39 + 1022 Danube, on the right bank, has 330 meters on 3 quays, being built since 1974, in order to provide the necessary raw materials for the metallurgical platform in Tulcea. The main activities of the industrial port are:

  • unloading imported raw materials such as manganese, limestone, quartzite, bauxite, chromium, iron and coke from seagoing vessels;
  • unloading quarry ballast products from barges;
  • loading of exported raw materials such as ferroalloys, scrap metal and alumina.

The commercial port of Tulcea is located between Mm 39 - Mm 38 + 1530 Danube.

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Main features:

  • Total area: 87.833 sqm;
  • Length of keys: vertical = 330 m, pereat = 420 m and 260 m natural shore;
  • Number of operating berths: 7;
  • National railway connection: length = 320 m (European gauge);
  • Connection with the national road system;
  • Passenger terminal;
  • Goods storage facilities (open platforms);
  • Port equipment for ship operations;
  • Waste collection facilities from ships;
  • Silo for cereals;
  • Custom house;
  • "AKER" Shipyard;
  • Ship maintenance facilities;
  • Cleaning of warehouses and storage spaces on ships;
  • Facilities for passenger transport in the Danube Delta.